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2020 Travel Award Winner

Congratulations to Chloe Bragg, the recipient of our 2020 travel award. Chloe is new to the chapter and the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Welcome, Chloe. We look forward to meeting you in St. Louis!

Stefanie and Courtney
The 2020 Travel Award Committee

2020 Travel Award: Meet us in St. Louis!

The Travel Award Committee of ARLIS/NA Ohio Valley is now accepting applications for the 2020 ARLIS/NA Ohio Valley Travel Award. The $250 award provides funding to help support attendance at “Preserve/Enhance/Reimagine,” the annual ARLIS/NA conference in St. Louis, Missouri, April 20-24th. Interested ARLIS/NA Ohio Valley chapter members should follow the application procedures below and submit electronically to Stefanie Hilles ( by January 17, 2020. The winner will be notified no later than January 27, 2020.

Not a member? Visit the ARLIS/NA website to bundle your chapter membership with your society membership or visit the ARLIS/NA Ohio Valley Chapter website to join with the chapter directly! Our professional membership costs $20 per year and our student membership is free with proof of ARLIS/NA membership. Memberships span the calendar year from January 1 to December 31.


  1. Letter of application to the Travel Award Committee addressing any relevant award criteria; indicating how you will benefit from or contribute to the conference, specifying any available travel funding from your institution.
  2. A current resume.

2020 ARLIS/NA Ohio Valley Travel Award Committee:

Stefanie Hilles, Arts and Humanities Librarian, Wertz Art and Architecture Library, Miami University

Courtney Hunt, Art and Design Librarian, The Ohio State University

2020-2021 Chapter Officers

The ARLIS Ohio Valley Nominating Committee is happy to announce the results of the election. The following elected officials for 2020/2021 are as follows:

Vice Chair/ Chair Elect for 2020/ 2021 – Christine Mannix from Columbus College of Art & Design, Packard Library 

Secretary/ Treasurer for 2020/ 2021 – Leslie Jankowski from Columbus College of Art & Design, Packard Library

Web Editor for 2020/ 2021 – Marsha Miles from Cleveland State University, Michael Schwartz Library 

Thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers. Congratulations!

Seeking ARLIS/NA Ohio Valley Chapter Nominations

The Nominating Committee of the Ohio Valley Chapter of ARLIS (Alison Huftalen, Head Librarian at the Toledo Museum of Art and Pam Eyerdam, Fine Arts & Special Collections Manager of the Cleveland Public Library) are seeking nominations and self-nominations for the following positions:

  • Vice-Chair (for 2020) / Chair-Elect (for 2021)
  • Secretary/Treasurer
  • Web Editor

 If you interested in nominating a colleague, or in self-nomination, please email either Alison or Pam by Nov. 11, 2019.

Alison Huftalen 
Pam Eyerdam

As you all know, ARLIS/NA is a growing, dynamic organization. The membership includes architecture and art librarians, visual resources professionals, artists, curators, educators, publishers, and others interested in visual arts information. What an exciting time to become an officer of the Ohio Valley Chapter.

As an officer, your national membership will be paid for.  If your position is seeking tenure, this is a great opportunity to add this to your resume. It is also a great and low-commitment way to get involved with ARLIS.  A great stepping stone for involvement at the national level as well.

More information about these positions are:

Terms of Office

  • Office terms begin January 1.
  • The Chair Elect shall serve the first year after election as Vice Chair, the second year as Chair, and the third year as Past Chair. Chair Elect will be responsible for organizing the Fall meeting of the Chapter.
  • The office of Secretary/Treasurer shall be elected for a two-year term and maintains the financials of the chapter, keeps minutes of meetings, and will coordinate registration for the Chapter annual meeting in the fall.
  • Web Editor shall maintain the Chapter website and update content as needed.

The Annual Report shall be prepared by the Chair and sent to the Chapters Liaison and Society President by December 31 for filing with ARLIS/NA headquarters. The Annual Report shall contain a review of Chapter activities, a listing of officers of the Chapter for the new calendar year (with contact information), a membership list and a financial report.

If you have any questions about the Chapter positions please contact Alison or Pam.